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I know you were probably being sarcastic, but I would seriously recommend taking up knitting. It's actually a lot of fun, and it's a great way to relieve anxiety, stay relaxed, and be productive while doing something with your hands.


I was being sarcastic :D I’ve tried it for a little while last year cause my mom knits and my grandma knits and her mom used to knit, you know, it’s a thing. But I have a hard time with repetitive hand movement cause of the torn cartilage in my right shoulder :P

But that reminds me of a story, totally unrelated, I heard someone tell long time ago. The girl, or I should say woman I guess, was a victim of sexual abuse. And she said when she went to counseling the first time, her therapist had her take up knitting as a way to focus and clear her head. She said it worked really well, but that it didn’t help with constantly being afraid. So the counselor told her that a benefit of being a woman knitting is that it’s easy to melt into the background. Once noticed, you’re perceived as harmless. But no one ever considers the fact that a woman knitting always has two weapons in her hands, as dangerous as any knife.






really this was one of the greatest episodes of OUAT so far. And this was the best line.

it’s SO SO true O_O

The first time I saw this part, I just kind of paused the show, and stared off into nothing for at least 3 minutes…because damn, this made me think.

Jefferson: proving there is a fine, blurry line between madness and genius. 

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Tidepool in Hawai’i - {by David Slater} | {Follow on 500PX}


Tidepool in Hawai’i - {by David Slater} | {Follow on 500PX}


Anastasia (1997)

The Harry Potter series American edition cover art by Mary GrandPré (x)

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